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Traffic lights for access to garages.


ACCESSORIES FOR AUTOMATIC DOORS / Signaling / Traffic lights 

Semáforo grande dos colores rojo/verde.
Semáforo leds grande dos colores rojo/verde
*Large LED traffic light two colors red/green


Technical manual.
Semáforo pequeño a dos colores rojo/verde 220V
Small traffic light L LSD

*Small red/green two-color traffic light 220V


Technical manual.
Lámpara destellante 12/24Vac/dc 125/220Vac con electrónica y antena
Accessories / Flashing lamp LUMI

Flashing lamp 12/24Vac/dc 125/220Vac with electronics and antenna 433.92Mhz (yellow).


Technical manual.
Tarjeta receptora para semáforo para cuadros Erreka.
Accessories / Traffic lights EPS1-001

Receiver card for traffic light for Erreka panels.


Technical manual.
Cuadro de control de semáforos. TSM 6 de Clemsa
Traffic light control panel.
TSM 6 of Clemsa
Management calls discriminator for semaphores.
The management call discriminator for traffic lights is a system that is installed in the control panel of automatic doors. Its function is to coordinate the entrances and exits of the garages or parking, that is, if a car entered the garage, the access light would turn green while the exit light would remain red and vice versa. It is especially useful in garages and car parks where the entrance and exit door is the same. In this way we regulate and order the traffic of vehicles.
The ASEMGAY call discriminator system makes it possible to manage two entrances / exits, located in different places, offering priority of way to the signal that is activated first, activating the green traffic light, coordinating the passage through that point, preventing cars from cross in conflicting, narrow, snail-like accesses with several stories high…...
The ASEMGAY call discriminator has two time regulators, which will allow us to regulate the times that we consider each traffic light should be on. We recommend that the time be the same for both traffic lights and that it be proportional to the entry or exit maneuver time. In this way we will avoid the disorganization in the traffic of vehicles.
more details . pdf.
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