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Keypad access reader, RFID card reading, key fob or PIN access code.
  • Access control by user. Registration and cancellation of cards and users.

  • Access with community pin code or pin only for visits.

Control de acceso oficinas y garajes
  • 3 options to open your door: cards, code, card + code.
  • Strong zinc alloy anti-vandal metal housing.

  • Open by multiple cards. Scan multiple valid user cards to open the door. Wide voltage input, ACI DC 12-24V power supply.

  • IP67 waterproof. Waterproof design for outdoor use. Smart keyboard lamp. Machine operation, digital light on and sustained for 30 seconds.

  • With the anti-submarine function, it can meet the needs of the user. Unique metal exterior design, dexterity keyboard panel operation, safe and reliable.

  • Recommended and most frequent use for door access a  the office. Access to gate and community portals. Community garage doors.

Lector de tarjeta RF, codigo pin teclado. control de acceso.
Retekess K10 Control de AccesoTeclado
LLAVERO Radio Frecuencia (RF)
Tarjeta RFID Regrabable 125 kHz T5
tarjeta RFid. numerada..jpg

Characteristic :
With anti-theft alarm output for external alarm device.
Low power consumption: less than 30mA standby current.
Luminous keyboard.
User Capacity: Supports 1,000 to 2,000 users.
Independent password: you can use a password that is irrelevant with the card to open the door
Administrator password.

Specification :
Item Type: Access Controller
Silver color
Working voltage: DC 12V
Static current: ≤30mA
Reading range: 2-5cm
Capacity: 2000 users
Ambient temperature: -25℃-60℃
Environmental humidity: 10%-90%
Electricity lock output: ≤3A
Alarm output: ≤20A
Open time: 0-99 seconds (adjustable)
Item Size: 11*7.5*2.2cm/4.33*2.95*0.86inch
Package Weight: 522g / 18.41oz

Autonomous access control, Access by EM RFID card. metal casing Vandal resistant.
This model is valid for indoors and outdoors, as it has IP68 protection (water resistant) thanks to its metal casing.
Control de acceso con tarjeta RFID
Characteristics of access control AC105


Autonomous access control valid for EM RFID cards.

The opening of the door with the RF card, as long as the user's card is registered.

Capacity to register up to 10,000 cards.

LED signaling indicator, integrated controller (button, alarm and relay), opening, closing and alarm time control, programming command, Anti-Passback and device and lock power supply capacity.

This model is valid for indoors and outdoors, as it has IP68 protection (water resistant) thanks to its metal casing.

Control de accesos antivandálico.
tarjeta RFid. numerada..jpg
 Llavero de proximidad RFID-TAG
Tarjeta RFID Regrabable 125 kHz T5
Autonomous access control with RFID reader and relay for interior
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