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A brushless electric motor or brushless motor is un electric motor not used brushes to change the polarity of the rotor.

Electric motors used to have either a slip ring commutator or a pair of slip rings. These systems, which produce friction, reduce performance, give off heat and noise, require a lot of maintenance and can produce carbon particles that stain the engine with a dust that can also be conductive.

The first brushless motors were the de  motors.alternating current async. Nowadays, thanks to electronics, they are very advantageous, since they are cheaper to manufacture, weigh less and require less maintenance, but their control is much more complex. This complexity has been virtually eliminated with ESC electronic speed controllers.

Other brushless motors, which only work with direct current, are those used in small low-power electrical devices, such as CD-ROM drives, computer fans, cassette players, etc. Its mechanism is based on replacing the mechanical commutation (change of polarity) with another electronic one without contact. In this case, the loop is only driven when the pole is correct, and when it is not, the electronic system cuts off the current supply. To detect the position of the rotor turn, detection of a magnetic field is used. This electronic system, in addition, can report the speed of rotation, or if it is stopped, and even cut the current if it stops so that it does not burn. They have the disadvantage that they do not rotate backwards when changing their polarity (+ and -). To make the change, two conductors of the electronic system should cross.

A somewhat similar system, to avoid this friction in the rings, is used in los alternators. In this case, the use of slip rings is not avoided, but rather the use of a more robust one, which would slow down the motor a lot, is avoided. Currently, alternators have the inducing magnetic field in the rotor, which induces the magnetic field to the stator, which in turn is induced.

As the magnetic field of the inductor needs much less current than the one that will be generated in the armature, rings with a lower friction are needed. This configuration is used from small car alternators to power plant generators with powers of the order of megawatt.

Advantages, disadvantages and applications

The motors have the characteristic that they do not use brushes in the commutation for the transfer of energy; in this case, the switching is done electronically. This property eliminates the great problem that conventional electric motors with brushes have, which produce friction, reduce performance, give off heat, are noisy and require periodic replacement and, therefore, greater maintenance.

Brushless motors have many advantages over brushed DC motors and over induction motors. Some of these are:

  • higher speed-torque ratio

  • higher dynamic response

  • greater efficiency

  • longer shelf life

  • less noise

  • increased speed range

Rotor y Estator y ventilador de un motor eléctrico.jpeg
motor campo magnético que rota como suma de vectores matnéticos a partir de tres bobinas d

ROGER motors for door automation.

ROGER 600Kg BH30/600 HS Brushless motor kit for sliding gates.

Extremely strong motor, with a lot of torque but at the same time extremely small and compact, thanks to its special windings of concentrated coils and powered by a three-phase sinusoidal system.

The silence or practically non-existent noise of the BRUSHLESS motor during all its movements is very surprising.

The BRUSHLESS digital controller, which works at low voltage 24V/36V DC, allows the automation to be controlled 100% in digital mode. Thanks to an operation based entirely on a DSP microcontroller, the stroke and all the movements of the automation can be programmed and customized in a simple, exact and elegant way.

The ROGER H30/640 HS Motor with BRUSHLESS digital technology produces perfect, elegant movements with constant force and torque at each of its points with maximum safety and always with the possibility of varying its speed, directing perfect slowing movements and acceleration.

Thanks to digital technology we can detect an obstacle and reverse the motor instantly, easily defining the torque of the motor, the sensitivity, the time and the reversal stroke. Always respecting the maximum security conditions.

A motor that can work at low voltage, with super-intensive use, operating in environments with very difficult climatic conditions and always maintaining extremely low consumption.

roger bh30.png
roger bm30.png


BRUSHLESS electromechanical geared motor, low voltage, extra intensive use, with integrated internal encoder, irreversible, for gates up to 1600 kg, built-in B70 series digital panel, magnetic limit switch.


intensive use

digital encoder

magnetic limit switch

Door max weight:   1600 kg

Line power:   230V AC - 50Hz

Engine supply:   36V

Rated power:   390W

Frequency of use:   Heavy use

Thrust:   50 - 1200N

Operating temperature:   -20+55°C

Degree of protection:   IP44

Engine Type:   Irreversible

Speed:   12 m/min (0.20 m/s)

Limit switch:   Magnetic

Integrated control box:   B70/1DCHP

Encoder:   Integrated internal encoder + 4096 PPR SENSORED digital magnetic encoder

Emergency battery:   Optional 2 x 12V 4.5AH external batteries

External Sprocket:   Z17/mod 4

Operation cycles per day (opening/closing – 24 hours without stopping):   1000

Maximum product dimensions (L x W x H):   346 x 180 x 362

roger serie bg30.png


The ROGER SMARTY 5 R reversible motor for single-leaf swing gates up to 5 meters is ideal for use in low-voltage super-intensive installations, so it can be running all day without stopping. Electromechanical motor suitable for installation in communities of owners. For leaves of more than 2.5 meters in length, it is recommended to use an electric lock. Pre-installation for absolute encoder. It has an adjustable mechanical limit switch. Made of an aluminum base treated with anticorrosive paint. With release lever and ease of handling in the lock. You can buy an emergency battery in our product catalog that acts in case of loss of electrical current. Download the instruction manuals to carry out a correct configuration and installation of the motor and the 36 V EDGE control panel. THE KIT INCLUDES:

  • 1 x SMARTY 5 R reversible electromechanical motor.

  • 1 x EDGE control panel for Roger Brushless motors


ROGER BR20/400/R Motor Kit for swing gates up to 4 meters and 1 leaf. Reversible

ROGER TECHNOLOGY Motors for swing gates have been designed with a unique design and have been studied according to the capacity and length of the different types of Gates. The RB20 series covers a range of gates up to 4 m in length.

BRUSHLESS electromechanical gearmotor, low voltage, extra intensive use with integrated internal encoder 36, reversible, for swing gates up to 4 m with adjustable mechanical stops
in opening and closing.

- Reversible (No Lock)

- Brushless technology

- For leaves up to 4 meters.




- ROGER BR20/400/R engine

- ROGER H93/RX20/I plug-in receiver

- ROGER EDGE1/BOX control panel for 1 or 2 motors

- 2 ROGER E80/TX52R/2 controls

Brazo para puertas batientes. be20-400.jpg


Irreversible electromechanical BRUSHLESS gear motor, low voltage, intensive use, integrated internal encoder, for swing gates with a maximum leaf of 4 m, with opening and closing mechanical stop.

Line power:   230V AC - 50Hz

Engine supply:   36V

Rated power:   200W

Frequency of use:   Heavy use

Thrust:   100 - 2800N

Operating temperature:   -20 C° +55 C°

Degree of protection:   IP44

Engine Type:   Irreversible

Speed:   1.66cm/s

Opening time:   17-26 s

Travel:   550mm

Limit switch:   Mechanical stop in opening and closing

Recommended digital controllers:   230V: EDGE1/BOX - 115V: EDGE1/BOX/115

Encoder:   Internal 48 PPR SENSORLESS digital encoder

Operation cycles per day (opening/closing – 24 hours without stopping):   1000

Maximum product dimensions (L x W x H):   1019 x 105 x 155

ROGER C40 kit for sectional doors. 1000Nm. Available with 3.3m and 4m guide.

The Max Motion Gates series represents the Roger Technology line dedicated to motors for the automation of sectional garage doors, with a maximum area of 18 m2. The new RAIL C40 sectional garage door motor represents a simple and easy-to-install solution, thanks to its 24Vdc motor, its pure motor power of 1000 N and the different reinforced belt guides with which to handle doors with heights 2500mm or 3000mm. maximum.

Kit Includes:

- ROGER C40 motor with control box and receiver.

- Reinforced Belt Guide of 3.3m or 4m (You must section it at the top of the screen)

- 2 ROGER E80/TX52R/2 controls


BR/630 Pre-lever motor for up-and-over doors.

The ROGER BR/630 ple-cam motor for overhead doors is super heavy duty and low voltage so it can run 24/7 with optimum performance at all times. Suitable for pleleva doors with maximum reach dimensions of 25 m². It is an electromechanical motor from the ROGER Brushless series, with native digital and absolute sensorless technology encoder that is sold together with the compatible control panel so that you can complete the installation of your automatic up-and-over door. You can download the instruction manuals to carry out a correct configuration and installation of the motor and the B70/1R/BOX control panel. THE KIT INCLUDES:

  • 1 x ROGER BR/630 electromechanical engine.

  • 1 x B70/1R/BOX control panel for Roger Brushless motors.

Engine characteristics

  • Mains power supply: 230 Vac 50/60 Hz

  • Motor power supply: 24 V

  • Rated Power: 150W

  • Maneuvering speed: 15-30 revolutions per minute

  • Maximum reach dimensions: 25 m²

  • Protection: IP40

  • Operating temperature: -20 +55ºC

Control panel characteristics

  • Supply voltage: 230Vac 50Hz

  • Motor supply: 24V

  • Maximum power absorbed by the network: 200 W

  • Rated motor power: 60W

  • Maximum motor power: 150W

  • Motor Control: Field Oriented (FOC), Sensored

  • Maximum intermittent power: 25 W (24 Vdc)

  • Flashing light: 50%

  • Connected motors: Up to 1

  • Courtesy max lux power: 100W 230Vac - 40W 24V AC/D

  • Max open gate light power: 3W (24V DC)

  • Accessories max output current: 10 W (24V DC)

  • Operating temperature: -10 +55ºC

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