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Barriers - Motors

Installation of electro-mechanical barriers to limit the passage of vehicles in common and private areas. Access control, registration and cancellation of users.

 automatic barriers

Wide range of automatic barriers

for residential, community use

and industrial, as well as automatic barriers

for vehicle access and control. 

Barriers / Multi


Barriers of 3-6 and 8 meters.


230Vac barriers for vehicle access.

Very easy to install. The pole support is very easily interchangeable by hand.


Product sheet.


Technical manual.


Barrera Automática
paso por barrera automática.


  • N UB  Anodized aluminum bars of 3.6 and 8 m. of length

  • N UBPL  4 m anodized aluminum folding bar. (2.5+ 1.5)

  • NUADH  Red stickers

  • N USF    Support for fixing to the floor

  • N USM   Support to fix on the bar

  • N USBCIL  Cylindrical bars of 3 and 6 m

  • NUFR     4m skirt for 6m barrier with maximum bar length 4.5m.


Product Sheet.

Barreras / Multi
acesirios, Barreras / Multi
Barriers / NET



Possibility of regulating the speed and detection of obstacles


Data sheet.




Barreras / NET
net accessories


  • ANT01: 4m (3+2) red telescopic cylindrical bar

  • ANT02: Cylindrical telescopic bar 6 m (4+3)

  • ANT03: Barrier rectangular pole holder (80x30x2)

  • ANT04: 2.5 m red barrier telescopic cylindrical bar

  • ANT08: Gray stickers

  • N USF: Support to fix on the ground.


Product Sheet.

Accesorios. Barreras / NET
Barriers / Omni

24Vdc chain barrier

Automation to easily define small car parks or accesses to properties


Product sheet.


Technical manual.

Barrera de cadena 24Vdc
Barreras automáticas de cadena. Omni.
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